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We have come together with and @kombilife to spread awareness that #itscooltobekind and #notcooltobecruel

We endeavor to spread awareness worldwide and encourage our customers and followers to join in and support this #stopbullying campaign. We will be GIVING AWAY A $30 STORE CREDIT each month to one account helping us spread this important message*

A temporary tattoo will be added to every order placed with NIÑO CRUZ. Additional tattoos can be ordered free of charge.

To Enter:
[1] Post a photo showcasing at least 1 of 3 temporary tattoos with #stopbullying
[2] Follow & Tag

If you or someone you know is a victim of bullying please know are there to listen 24/7 on 1800 55 1800 @kidshelplineau

Tattoos are safe and non-toxic lasting on average 2-3 days.

Easy to apply: Remove film | Apply | Wet | Hold | Remove Paper

Love & Peace Art by the amazing @nadiaflowerdesign

The story behind this campaign... Written by @KOMBILIFE

THIS IS OUR STORY....... as weeks turned into months of me telling my daughter his just doing it because he likes you , ignore him !! ...... came the day she came home sobbing , a known stop sobbing , he had broken her , those words "your ugly " "your fat" "your stupid " had broken my sweet girl ... JUST WORDS .... not just words , words that hurt if said over and over , I had done the thing that most of us parents do , I said there just words don't let them worry you (slicks and stones) the thing is they maybe just words , but I know what words I would rather hear "your beautiful " your kind " ..... if she had been an adult it would have been totally different and this is what we need to think is if we teaching these kids that it's ok , then what kind of ADULTS are we creating ........ that day will never leave my mind it still makes me choked up thinking about the pain I could hear in her voice as she told me how it made her feel and I'm so thankful that we have a close relationship that she was able to come to me on this day . She had become to hate herself and my beautiful confidence girl was know somewhere lost inside her . As we talked into the night and more over the weekend I asked her what she thought about starting a campaign about spreading the word on social media that #itscooltobekind and #notcooltobecruel , with so many Tweens on #socialmedia what better way to spread the word and teach #kindness and how important it is to speak #kindwords to many young teen/Tweens are taking there lives because of cruel words and bulling we want them to know that there is kidshelpline and there not alone that's why we joined together with in creating this campaign ....... this campaign has created a light inside her again and given her a strength in knowing she is making a difference in spreading this important message , the power of kindness. Teach your kids kindness and it's not ok to be cruel ....Because #itscooltobekind and #notcooltobecruel

*Giveaway term 3 months